For those who don’t know me, my name is Aaron Nolan, and if it weren’t obvious yet, I am absolutely Wild About Film!

Prior to seeing Barbie/Oppenheimer circa summer 2023

Why Does Wild About Film Exist?

I have always enjoyed movies, even before I could put that love to words. When I think about my love for film, the French writer Voltaire’s observation comes to mind - “Our own personal experiences make up maybe 0.00000001% of what's happened in the world, but they also make up maybe 80% of how we think the world works.”

Movies are a window for us to experience things and feel things that we otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to see or feel this side of eternity. We can learn lessons the less painful way. We can laugh more than we would have on our own. We can discuss and debate weighty topics through the lens of characters in a film without making things too personal. Hollywood is far from ideal, but it’s amazing we are alive at a time where we can experience so many stories in theaters or on our couches.

After loving movies for so many years, Wild About Film was launched at the beginning of 2022. Since then, hundreds have joined this wonderful community, millions have engaged through the website or social media, and Wild About Film has even been featured on Yahoo & Buzzfeed. Above all, my favorite thing about this journey so far is the wonderful people I have met and friends that have been made through the common bond of film!

Who Should Read Wild About Film?

As you have probably learned by this point, I really love movies. It is my personality at this point. Each year I watch over 300 movies, listen to over 200 interviews with filmmakers/industry insiders, and read over 1,000 article about the industry.

Most people are not watching 300 movies each year. In fact, most people just want to have something good to watch when they sit down on Friday night to watch a movie. Others want to know that if they are going to spend time and money to go the theater that it will be worth the hassle.

Problem is, doing so has becoming increasingly difficult over the past decade. With the advent of streaming, Hollywood has started cranking out more movies than ever before. Unfortunately, more movies did not equal more great films. It has instead led to more noise. Noise that most people don’t have time to filter through.

Enter Wild About Film

Wild About Film serves as a resources for movie lovers to read up on the latest movie releases, revisit the classics, and dive into industry trends. We filter through the bad films to give you the best film recommendations on a silver platter.

Some people use Wild About Film as a way to determine which films to see and which ones to skip.

Others use it as a manual when they have two hours to watch a film. They pull up the site and see what is out right now that is worth seeing.

Since starting this site, subscribers that have benefited the most are not the cinephiles that watch 300 movies a year, it is the people who weekly watch a movie or watch a couple dozen movies each month. That is who this newsletter is for. The people who don’t have the time or the desire to filter out all of the noise.

After all, no one deserves to waste their time on a bad movie.

If you decide to join our free newsletter, expect two or three emails a month loaded with lots of great film recommendations.

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